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Cannabis Vegetation - Stages and Care

Beginner growers often ask the question - "How do you know that the growing season has begun?". It is not difficult to determine this. After germination of the first set of fan leaves with a full set of leaflets, the plant moves from the seedling sta..

Ways to Accelerate Cannabis Growth

It has long been not news - the larger the size of the cannabis bush, the greater the yield. Growers from all over the world share their achievements and secrets. Consider proven methods to speed up the growth of marijuana...

TOP 5 low-smelling cannabis varieties

Marijuana emits its characteristic smell due to terpene and trichomes. It can be absorbed into clothes, upholstered furniture and textiles. The grower should take care of air filtration in advance so that this incident does not happen. Although the s..

What is the secret of marijuana fertilizers?

Every grower, whether a beginner or an experienced grower, wants to maximize their yields. Naturally, in order to get it, you need to give the plant favorable conditions for life. The main points are: light, water, heat, substrate. To date, manufac..

Bubbler or bong - how to choose a smoking device for yourself

Each smoking device is good in its own way. The main thing is to find exactly the one that will suit you. Bongs and bubblers are similar in how they work: both have a water filter, a smoke bowl, and a recess for herbs or tobacco...

Is it possible to grow hemp seeds on a windowsill in a pot

Experienced growers say that growing marijuana is a whole science that requires knowledge and practice to achieve maximum results. Cannabis can produce excellent yields only in favorable conditions, it all depends on the grower...

Bong what is it - its history, rules of operation and care

Bong - smoking device for tobacco and marijuana. Designed specifically for comfortable smoking. The bong makes it soft and does not cause coughing. Passing through the water filter, the smoke acquires lightness, which, without a doubt, is important f..

How to choose the right place to plant marijuana on the street

Outdoor is a method of growing cannabis plants outdoors. A timeless cannabis cultivation technique. It is not uncommon for growers to choose outdoors, and it is clear why. First, it does not require large investments. Secondly, it is very simple, yo..

7 Ways to Identify Quality Cannabis Seeds - What to Look for When Buying

Quality seed is the key to a successful harvest. Unfortunately, not all growers are aware of this, because a seed found in buds or of unknown origin will not give the desired result. No matter how much time and effort you spend, you can not expect th..

Proper cannabis treatment

Некоторые гроверы не знают, что такое пролечка и путают её с ферментацией. На самом деле, пролечка — это последняя стадия сушки марихуаны, во время которой из шишек удаляют влагу, сахар и другие ненужные вещества. Это улучшает вкус конопли и предотвр..