TOP 5 best bongs in 2023

Free from prejudice people know where to buy the best bong. To please friends and yourself with a new purchase in a pleasant evening atmosphere, every independent person wishes. Such a pastime will give a lot of unforgettable emotions and impressions..

F1 vs F2 Seeds - What's the Difference?

Hybrid seeds are obtained by crossing two different varieties of the same plant species. The production of hybrid seeds is a technical process that requires breeders to create efficient and productive generations. In this process, pollen from male fl..

Hydroponics and marijuana are key factors

Hydroponics is an incredibly technological field that allows you to cultivate most types of annual plants without soil. The hydroponic method helps the plant obtain all the necessary minerals from the nutrient solution...

ScrOG method - features and relevance

SCROG (Screen of Greens) - training cannabis plants that can lead to fantastic yields from stunning specimens. The SCROG method will allow the grower to properly manage the space and increase the productivity of the plant. Even from a small plantatio..

Recommendations for choosing a growbox

If you have decided to get a small garden or terrarium, then you may be wondering if a grow box is the best option for you. Not everyone has the ability to grow rare species outdoors, so a grow box can be a great option for beginner gardeners because..

TOP 5 varieties of hemp for growbox

There are so many varieties of marijuana. Some prefer warmer climates, while others prefer cooler ones. Each variety requires optimal growing conditions. But there are also varieties that are only suitable for growing in a grow box. Even if there is ..

TOP 6 fun varieties of marijuana

It has been scientifically proven that laughter helps relieve emotional stress. It's nice to come home and just laugh at your worries after a hard day and forget about all the problems. Laughter is a reflex response, just like yawning, coughing, or s..

Nitrogen in marijuana - the right balance

Nitrogen is a chemical element of the 15th group of the second period. It is a simple substance without taste and smell. Nitrogen is one of the three essential nutrients for plant growth. It is the most common chemical element (found in abundance in ..

TOP 5 Powerful Sativa Strains

Sativa is a variety of cannabis phenotype native to Latin America. Sativa properties are responsible for good mood and creativity. It has a predominant content of THC...

The Basics of Growing Marijuana Indoors

Hemp is an annual plant that can be used for a wide range of products. Easy to grow compared to other crops. It does not require constant supervision and care, and the yield of finished products is much higher...

How much does hemp grow? Periods of life and maturation

The period from seed to harvest depends on the variety of hemp. As a rule, autoflowering varieties have a shortened life cycle, while feminized varieties have a full one. This means that autoflowers yield much faster. But it is worth noting that such..

TOP 6 high varieties of marijuana

As we wrote earlier, the higher the plant, the more harvest it can bring. It should be noted right away that high varieties of marijuana are intended exclusively for growing on open ground. Indoors, it is recommended to grow varieties up to 150 cm in..

The principle of proper watering cannabis

Like all plants, cannabis requires water to perform its basic functions. Water helps plants absorb nutrients from the soil and then moves up the plant and into the leaves. But giving your marijuana plant the right amount of water can be trickier than..

Photoperiod Cannabis Seed Varieties - Pros and Cons

A good harvest is important for any grower, but to get it you need to choose the right variety for the climatic conditions and growing method. Every experienced gardener knows what photoperiod seeds are, and for beginners, our team has prepared th..

What is ruderalis and its features

Most of you have probably heard of sativa and indica, the two main types of marijuana. However, did you know that there is a third type called Cannabis Ruderalis?..

What are regular marijuana seeds

Regular hemp seeds work exactly as nature intended. They have a 50% chance of becoming a man or a woman. They allow breeders to create new varieties and produce higher quality clones...

What is a grinder and how to choose one?

A special device that rastamans often use to grind the smoking mixture. Why do they do it? The answer is simple, all in order to translate the product less. In this way, the rastaman saves a valuable mixture...

Cannabis Vegetation - Stages and Care

Beginner growers often ask the question - "How do you know that the growing season has begun?". It is not difficult to determine this. After germination of the first set of fan leaves with a full set of leaflets, the plant moves from the seedling sta..

Ways to Accelerate Cannabis Growth

It has long been not news - the larger the size of the cannabis bush, the greater the yield. Growers from all over the world share their achievements and secrets. Consider proven methods to speed up the growth of marijuana...

TOP 5 low-smelling cannabis varieties

Marijuana emits its characteristic smell due to terpene and trichomes. It can be absorbed into clothes, upholstered furniture and textiles. The grower should take care of air filtration in advance so that this incident does not happen. Although the s..

What is the secret of marijuana fertilizers?

Every grower, whether a beginner or an experienced grower, wants to maximize their yields. Naturally, in order to get it, you need to give the plant favorable conditions for life. The main points are: light, water, heat, substrate. To date, manufac..

Bubbler or bong - how to choose a smoking device for yourself

Each smoking device is good in its own way. The main thing is to find exactly the one that will suit you. Bongs and bubblers are similar in how they work: both have a water filter, a smoke bowl, and a recess for herbs or tobacco...

Is it possible to grow hemp seeds on a windowsill in a pot

Experienced growers say that growing marijuana is a whole science that requires knowledge and practice to achieve maximum results. Cannabis can produce excellent yields only in favorable conditions, it all depends on the grower...

Bong what is it - its history, rules of operation and care

Bong - smoking device for tobacco and marijuana. Designed specifically for comfortable smoking. The bong makes it soft and does not cause coughing. Passing through the water filter, the smoke acquires lightness, which, without a doubt, is important f..