Auto Blue Mazar feminised

  • Auto Blue Mazar feminised
Variety type:
Genetics: AutoBlueberry * AutoMazar
THC content: 23%
Plant height:
  • 870.00 грн

Blue Auto Mazar is a hybrid based on two luxurious indica-dominant varieties that have long been regarded as enduring classics in the cannabis world - Auto Blueberry and charming Mazar. From their first days of life, the seedlings show an indica-like vigor and vitality, growing vigorously and starting to bloom even during the growing season.

Thanks to the introduction of the auto-flowering gene, the hybrid has become less demanding to light. The crop will give an easy and pleasant grovelling, which is devoid of any planting difficulties. Compact bushes have excellent immunity, which saves the grower a lot of problems.

Autoflower, unlike other similar varieties, pleases with a luxurious productivity and in terms of yields can compete worthy even with regular varieties.

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