Auto Blueberry feminised

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Main specifications
Genetics: Blueberry * Ruderalis
THC content: 7-14%
Auto Blueberry feminised is a robust low unpretentious autoflower whose fruits and leaves turn a charming purple color at maturity. The hybrid gives a delicious flavor and quality hai. Auto Blueberry feminised cannabis seeds of the Auto Blueberry feminised variety have quickly become a favorite of most autoflowering growers. Experts advise growing the crop on organic or soil for a heartfelt blueberry flavor. Unpretentious Auto Blueberry feminised will show excellent results not only when growing in the indoors, but also in the open air. The hybrid's roots like space, so pots of at least 12 liters should be preferred for planting grains.

Auto Blueberry feminised was obtained by crossing the original Lowryder with the luxurious handsome classic Blueberry. The Auto Blueberry variation is an exact, but slightly improved version of the original variety. Hemp growers appreciate Auto Blueberry feminised cannabis seeds because they are hassle-free and won't make you work up a sweat growing them.

The incomparable blueberry flavor of Auto Blueberry feminised has long been a hallmark of this hybrid. The crop attracts rastamanians with a soft, organic euphoria that fills the body with a pleasant heaviness and gives a deep relaxation. The effect of the hybrid is perfect for evening consumption: it will gently and carefully make you forget about all the worries and problems of the past day and give you a quality rest.

Auto Blueberry feminised is one of the marijuana strains famous for its powerful therapeutic potential, proven by the high THC content in its resin. This hybrid is great for treating depression, chronic pain, anorexia and bronchial asthma.

Auto Blueberry feminised will give an excellent crop with equal ease to the venerable professional as well as the novice grower. Sometimes the increased bushiness of plants does not allow the fruit to fully form due to the lack of light. Specialists recommend growing Auto Blueberry feminised cannabis seeds in a SCROG method for a good light permeation to the lower branches. Pruning the lower branches will also help to increase the light penetration of the bushes.

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