Auto White Widow Feminised

  • Auto White Widow Feminised
Variety type:
Genetics: White Widow * Ruderalis
THC content: 23%
Plant height:
  • 870.00 грн

The seeds of Auto White Widow Feminised have been bred by crossing Auto AK47 x Colombian, making it a powerful hybrid. This hybrid has become a popular auto-flowering feminised variety in many countries of the world.

This one is so easy to cultivate that even a novice grower can do it. Just water and fertilize from time to time and you will have a bountiful harvest. Depending on the method of cultivation, the height of the plant varies from 80 to 150 cm. Thanks to the genes of Ruderalis, the growing season ends at week 7, and the bushes will throw out their inflorescences. At this time, the air around is filled with the sweet scent of pine needles. Harvesting is available after 2 months of cultivation. In the end, the grower gets about 550 g/m2 of pure product, which contains 18% THC. Decent enough figures for such an unpretentious variety.

It is worth to use at home in the company of an experienced smoker, because the effect is quite powerful. The genotype is dominated by Indica, so after use comes a prolonged cerebral petrifying stoner. At the end of the action you can fall into a sound, healthy sleep, after which you will feel a rush of strength and energy. It is ideal for evening use after a hard day's work.

In medicine, it is used precisely because of the powerful effect, to a greater extent in physical pathologies. For example, when: cramps, muscle spasms, nervous tension, overexcitation. It also improves appetite, reduces depression and improves mood.

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