Blue Cheese Feminised

  • Blue Cheese Feminised
Variety type:
Genetics: Original Cheese x Blueberry
THC content: 23%
Plant height:
  • 260.00 грн

Blue Cheese Feminised is an excellent strain that harmoniously combines the will to live and skunk performance with a delightful Blueberry flavor.

This no-nonsense hybrid was obtained by crossing the luxurious Original Cheese and the enchanting Blueberry.

The characteristics of this new strain are truly admired even by hardened skeptics. The seedlings show fast and confident growth during the growing season and also enjoy a generous flowering, during which the bushes form tight resinous buds covered with a thick carpet of luxurious trichomes. The complex bouquet of strain charms with a balanced aroma of cheesy tones, skunk, flowers and juicy berries.

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