CBD Critical Cure Feminised

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Main specifications
Genetics: Critical Kush x Shanti Baba’s CBD Enhanced Strain
Harvest: XXL
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CBD Critical Cure Feminised is a descendant of the legendary Critical Kush and Shanti Baba's CBD Enhanced Strain. A wonderful autoflower with a delightful aroma and luxurious flavor. The original strain was combined with the best ruderalis sprouts to achieve autoflowering.

The unpretentious autoflowering exhibits extremely rapid development during the growing season. The crop is highly stress-resistant, and even under the influence of several unfavorable factors at once it does not decrease the rate of development.

Huge buds form on the bushes, which are literally bursting with excess resin. Strain inflorescences give off an original fragrance, which is dominated by luxurious earthy tones with a slight admixture of delightful sweetness.

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