CBD Kush feminised

  • CBD Kush feminised
Variety type:
Genetics: Kandy Kush * CBD Crew
THC content:
Plant height:
  • 870.00 грн

CBD Kush is recognized as the best medical cannabis strain, successfully used in the treatment of schizophrenia, erectile dysfunction, memory impairment, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

In breeding the crop, they crossed Kandy Kush, which was famous for its high THC content, with a little-known stein with a record CBD content. The successful choice of parental strains endowed the crop with sativa and indica traits, which made its appearance quite unusual. In its first days of life, the hybrid develops as a typical sativa variety, but the indica always gains the upper hand, and the seedlings take on the classic traits of this genetic line.

During the flowering period, the whole bush is covered with a dense web of trichomes, intensively producing a sea of sticky resin. The tops of the bushes are crowned with huge monospikes decorated with bright orange stigmas.

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