Critical Kush Feminised

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Main specifications
Genetics: Critical Mass x OG Kush
THC content: 25%

Critical Kush Feminised is a slightly capricious descendant of the spirit of the mega-famous varieties. It is prized by experts for its noble yields, high-quality stuff, luxurious sweet and spicy flavor, and powerful, pin-point effect.

Critical Kush feminized seed is a bit finicky, so if you are not ready to tolerate their every whim, don't start with one just yet. Vigorous plants do not react well to overfeeding, which very often leads to the death of seedlings. Bushes generously in the process of growth are covered with long branches, thanks to which it is possible to form a completely flat crown. The culture reacts relatively calmly to the pruning of the main stem, but this manipulation often leads to a decrease in the growth rate of the hybrid. The Critical Kush seedlings have a very Sativa-like structure and can easily reach gigantic size if grown in an outdoors.

A delightful bright star, Critical Kush has lit up the cannabis sky thanks to the hard work of the breeders who spent days trying to perfect this hybrid. Two famous hybrids - Critical+ and Emerald OG Kush - have been chosen as parental varieties for the new strain. Critical Kush feminized cannabis seeds produce strong and confident seedlings which are full of lush olive green buds generously decorated with bright orange stigmas.

Critical Kush's bright original aroma is a charming intricacy of sour-sweet and fruity-lemon notes with a whiff of petroleum products. The effect of the hybrid is no less original than its fragrance. Strong and impetuous, it begins with a deep muscular relaxation, gradually transforming into a superb, stunning with its power and explosive high in the head.

As a rule, experts advise using Critical Kush to relieve intense pain syndrome, muscle spasm, cramps and eliminate prolonged and debilitating nausea. In addition, systematic intake of buds will help improve the well-being of patients with multiple sclerosis, depression and bronchial asthma.

Outdoors, Critical Kush feminized cannabis seeds will please the grower with a stable yield. This hybrid always performs very well when grown outdoors. But when growing indoors it should be remembered that the culture tends to stretch out strongly on the flower, so you should correct the height of the bushes by pruning the central bark. When caring for the plant, the main thing is to observe moderation in everything: if you can please the variety with quality watering and feeding, but not with systematic overwatering and overfeeding, the hybrid will surely thank you with generous flowering, high-quality staff and excellent effect.

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