Orange Bud

  • Orange Bud
Variety type: Sativa dominant
Genetics: Original Orange Bud
THC content: 15 - 20%
Flowering: 7 weeks
Harvest: 400 - 450 g/m²
  • 691.00 грн

The original Orange Bud variety is not only a Cannabis Cup winner, but remains a classic variety of skunk that any skunk connoisseur should take note of. Over several decades, thousands of growers have tested this seed in the field. This is one of Dutch Passion's best-selling seeds. When growing feminized seeds at home, you can count on an excellent quality crop.

Orange Bud is a plant with buds of excellent quality. Orange Bud seeds are easy and enjoyable to grow, even for beginners. The bushes produce dense and

hard buds that are covered in crystals and pretty orange hairs. And there are plenty of such cones.

Orange Bud is a unique kind of skunk. It grows like yeast. It has sturdy stems and a steady growth rate. It is fairly unpretentious and handles fertilizer very well. This proven cannabis seed variety is not difficult even for beginners. During the flowering period, the height of the bush approximately doubles, and its growth is easily controlled. Customers like it because of the ease of growing and the quality of the buds. Cultivation of high-quality skunk seeds is easy and uncomplicated. This fully applies to Orange Bud seeds as well.

Sativa dominates in this variety. But it also has the right amount of indica genes. This allows the bush to bloom fairly quickly and the height of the plant is no longer uncontrollable. Sativa influence can be seen in the structure of the plant and in the cones of most phenotypes. The buds can take on an elongated shape and grow all along the main stem. Other cones resemble dense, compact golf balls. They weigh a lot and can be felt at harvest time. The Orange Bud seeds are suitable for the novice grower working from home. Their quality level is way above average. Among other things, the variety is high yielding and easy to cultivate.

Orange Bud grows on its own! Just plant the seeds and watch them grow from the couch. Little by little, one of the most iconic varieties will fill your room with delightful and desirable "boche." Perhaps the secret to the strain's perennial popularity lies in its ease of growing. That's why decades pass and customers still prefer it. It doesn't take much fuss to keep Orange Bud bushes thriving all the time. When it comes to fertilizer, the variety is not at all capricious. It can be cultivated in a wide range of latitudes (like all the best skunk seed varieties). You can feed the bushes more fertilizer or less. It doesn't matter. The plants won't throw a tantrum. What's more, Orange Bud seeds can be grown using the "sea of greens" (SOG) and "screen for greens" (SCROG) methods.

The Orange Bud crop matures in 8-9 weeks when grown indoors. Outdoors it won't be long either, as the buds will most likely ripen in early fall. For outdoor crops, choose phenotypes that bloom earlier, and for indoor crops, choose those that bloom longer.

The genetics used in breeding the Orange Bud variety cause the following characteristics:

  • the plant is not difficult to grow using any medium or method;

  • fast blooming skunk with dominant sativa and solid yields;

  • dense cones with orange hairs covered in crystals;

  • a pleasant sweet and fruity aroma that evokes a rush of excitement and sociability.

Orange Bud feels good in the hands of a novice grower. And in the hands of an experienced grower, the variety is capable of producing abundant yields without titanic effort.

Many of those who have grown Orange Bud seeds more than once say that they liked it so much primarily for its combination of terpenes, giving it a uniquely sweet, citrusy and skanky flavor. The intense scent beckons and attracts attention. One wants to grab and squeeze the oily cones to enjoy the all-pervading luxurious and pleasant aroma.

Orange Bud is famous for its effects on the psyche, stimulating activity and communication. The smoker's mood improves. He is overwhelmed with happiness and enthusiasm. The level of THC in this powerful strain ranges from 15-20%. This strain is good for rastamans with an active lifestyle. It can be smoked without the distraction of daytime or evening activities. The citrus terpenes are slightly energizing, not to mention their great taste. And a smile appears on your face.

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