Critical Kush Feminised

  • Critical Kush Feminised
Variety type:
Genetics: Critical + x OG Kush
THC content: 21%
Plant height:
  • 320.00 грн

Critical Kush Feminised is a hybrid plant with many advantages over other cidbanks. The professionalism of the breeders, who hit the bull's-eye by crossing Critical Mass and O.G. Kush, is worth considering. This representative of the flora has strong power, which is what attracts pharmacists.

In the open ground, Critical Kush gets plenty of light, which also has a positive effect on productivity. It takes a lot of effort to cultivate the cones, as they are very hardy. During cultivation, you can observe a large number of crystals, which indicates the high power of the plant. Surprisingly, the maximum height of the bush is 90 cm. Only a few low cannabis plants can boast such high productivity. Critical Kush Feminised has an attractive appearance when flowering.

In the West, the plant is often used in the manufacture of medicines designed to reduce stress and depression. Critical Kush seeds are the most valuable and are considered to be very beneficial. The positive properties can be listed for a very long time. Botanists say that this cannabis has a relatively short flowering period of 2 months. It is also famous for its abundant yield, which is due to the proper arrangement of the flowers and leaves.

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