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DWC Aquapot is a complete turnkey hydroponic plant.It is used for growing without using a substrate. (nutrient solutions only)Increases yield up to 100%Requires skills and knowledge to use...
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Today's cannabis growers are moving away from the use of land-based substrates, preferring hydroponics for cannabis to traditional growing methods. This method of indor breeding gives you large, juicy plants with gorgeous fruit, which is much harder to achieve with land and coconut growing. We at Coffeeshop® love this method and recommend every experienced grower try their hand at hydroponics by purchasing everything they need from our online store.

Pros and cons of hydroponic systems

The main difference between a hydroponic system and other options is how the plant gets the substances it needs to grow. In this case, the roots are placed in a nutrient-rich water environment, in which specialized mineral compositions are dissolved. The advantages of using hydroponics for cannabis include:

  • High yields. Plants receive the necessary substances faster than when growing on the substrate, and therefore develop more quickly and actively.
  • Accelerated ripening. Hydroponics allows you to get harvests 1-2 weeks earlier than the traditional method.
  • Possibility of automation. For cannabis growers who want to get rid of routine activities, this option is ideal.
  • If the correct proportion of fertilizers in hydroponic systems does not accumulate salts and does not develop diseases.

The disadvantages of the hydroponic method include the cost of the installation itself. But it should be taken into account that, buying such a system, you will use it for many years, while the substrate will have to buy separately for each cycle.

Another disadvantage is that hydroponics for marijuana is not easy to handle if you don't have any experience in growing plants. This is why this system is recommended to old-school growers. For beginners, it is better to learn the science on traditional methods - earth and coconut substrate.

  • Features of growing in a hydroponic system

Throughout the growth period, the plant needs different minerals. To provide it with everything it needs, growers change the water solution in the tank at least twice:

  1. The moment the plant transitions from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase.
  2. Two weeks before harvest. This will keep the fertilizer from accumulating in the buds and resin.

If you want to buy hydroponics for marijuana, don't forget the pH and TDS meters. With these devices, it's easy to monitor the balance of substances in the nutrient composition. Keep in mind that they use specialized fertilizers, stimulants, and additives that are designed specifically for this type of breeding.

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Professional hydroponic growers from Coffeeshop®

We do not encourage the cultivation of illegal plants in countries where it is against the law. The products presented on our website can be used for the cultivation of any domestic and agricultural crops: from tomatoes to orchids. You can buy a hydroponic system and get the richest harvest of gorgeous vegetables or other fruits by purchasing it on favorable conditions:

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  3. We do not require additional information or store customer data.
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