Apollo 11 Feminised

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Main specifications
Variety type: Sativa
Genetics: Chemdawg * Pakistani
THC content: 26%
Flowering: 9 - 10 weeks / October
Harvest: XXL
Plant height: up to 280 cm
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This is a dominant sativa hybrid which gives a generous harvest even when cultivated indoors. It is based on Afghan and Cambodian hemp genes. This updated hybrid has a great productivity and a long flowering time. Sprouts will be a highlight of an amateur's cannabis collection.

General info

The feminized grains of this species turn into amazing sativa sprouts with a small number of leaves, but large lush buds of enormous size. Their open structure allows good light transmission so the shoots receive full nutrients, including the lower branches. When ripe, the buds have a silvery, white hue.

It can reach a height of 150-180 cm. To increase productivity, the main bark is trimmed. It is an unpretentious variety, which will show excellent results even with minimal care (periodic watering and feeding). It tolerates temperature fluctuations well, but it is important to observe the light regime.Regardless of the conditions of development, it blooms on its own, the flowering period is 70-80 days.

Professional growers say this strain is easy to grow with all the existing methods. The culture does not beat fungus, infectious diseases, mold. It can be grown on hydroponics.

Effect and taste

Cones are dense, filled with resinous juice, have a spiral shape. With a pleasant fruity, spicy flavor and a hint of sandalwood with a bitter aftertaste. It has a powerful tonic effect. Although the effect is not long lasting, there are many connoisseurs of this particular variety. This crop will be a good addition to a party, a get-together in a friendly circle, a nightclub.

Although its effect is considered quite powerful, the thoughts remain clear and the concentration increases.

Medical Uses

The crop has a good genetic basis, which has been adopted by medics, its properties are actively studied. There are already results that prove the effectiveness of Apollo 11 Feminised. The plant is used in the treatment of PMS, to get rid of headaches, toothaches, migraine attacks, fatigue. With its help depressive moods, retrograde amnesia, symptom of chronic fatigue are eliminated.

Reviews (2)
Рыба хапун
Рыба хапун
Семя приехало да ещё и не одно а с бонусом будем посмотреть
Отличный товар, рекомендую!!!
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