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It is impossible to imagine indor growing without a quality home grow box, which you can buy in the online store Coffeeshop®. In our showcase there is a large selection of frame tents (grow tent) for different scale of grow business: from compact models for a load of 10 kg to large greenhouses, which will appeal to experienced gardeners.

Who will benefit from buying a grow tent for home

Indore plant growing is convenient for year-round harvesting of harvests. All growers who dream to buy a good quality grow box in Ukraine and enjoy all the benefits of a compact home greenhouse know this:

  • Easy assembly. We offer models from the best grow box equipment manufacturer - Secret Jardin. The company creates easy-to-assemble tents from lightweight and durable materials. They will serve you for years without causing installation or transportation difficulties.
  • Outlets for equipment. In the grotent there are openings for communication systems, ventilation, lighting, etc. Some models are equipped with sleeves - you can take care of your plants without breaking the airtightness of the tent.
  • Reusable. Want to take a break from the hobby? Simply disassemble the system - it won't take up much space and will fit perfectly in the garage, on the balcony or even in the far corner of the pantry. Buying growbox in Coffeeshop® store in Kharkov you may come back to your favourite hobby any time.

How to choose a grow box for your home

If your goal is to get bountiful cones and resin, heavy and fragrant plants in the indora, you can't achieve this without a good grow box. Some craftsmen assemble tents from improvised materials, but only professional equipment guarantees maximum safety. Do not forget that the light and ventilation will work around the clock without respite. You can not ignore the protection against overheating, and to maintain a microclimate inside a self-made grotouten not so easy. If you need to buy in Ukraine grow box for growing marijuana, then focus on the following features:

  1. Size. Choose a tent based on the number of bushes that you plan to cultivate.
  2. Availability of equipment. Growers come turnkey with systems already hooked up or basic ones that can be outfitted to your liking. If you don't yet have any experience in grooving, contact the Coffeeshop® managers. Professionals will advise you on what equipment to buy for the grow box you have chosen.
  3. Proper light-reflective coating. Groothouses are lined inside with polyethylene foam, foil, or painted white. The best reflective features are tents with the innovative Diamond Technology. Just such grottoes you can buy in our online store.

Where to buy grow boxes in Ukraine

Good equipment will allow you not to compromise on quality. With your own hands you will grow and harvest a rich harvest from vigorous vigorous sativa, indica or hybrid bushes without leaving your home.

Grottes aren't all you need to grow marijuana. You will also need an equipped ventilation and lighting system, without which it will be difficult to create the right conditions for the plant to grow. In our online store we have innovative developments of agroengineers - with their help you organize a professional system of controlling the life of the plant. In our grow boxes your "pets" will be light, warm and comfortable!