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Online store Coffeeshop® offers to buy absolutely legal, devoid of any psychoactive components hallucinogenic mushroom spores, available for shipment to any corner of the globe. Despite the fact that adult representatives of this kingdom of wildlife are rich in psilocybin and are ready to bestow a curious traveler with a new mystical experience, their spore imprint has no psychoactive substances. Spores of hallucinogenic mushrooms can be freely ordered in siddshops in Ukraine, to give yourself or a friend an unusual gift.

How did psilocybin mushrooms help mankind to evolve

Since ancient times, hallucinogenic mushrooms have been used as guides to the spirit world. With their help, people established a connection with higher forces, and then shared the experience, as sacred knowledge, with the members of the tribe. The images that shamans saw during trips formed the basis of the culture of tribes and even entire nations. These revelations became part of folklore and were passed from mouth to mouth as secret knowledge. Stories about gods and new facets of existence united people. They formed a bond with nature, but the stronger bond was the one that united people around their common faith.

There is an opinion that it was the ability to spiritualize the world around us and the belief in the existence of spirits that became the main evolutionary advantage of man as a species. No animal can imagine, much less believe, in the presence of invisible forces. Perhaps this is what prevents other creatures from transcending visible reality to begin to change the world to suit the needs of their species and to evolve not only physically, but also spiritually.

What mushroom spores to buy for the novice mycologist

It is common to speak negatively about hallucinogenic mushrooms, but there is a downside to this coin as well. In the middle of XX century, when psilocybin was actively researched as an independent substance, it was used to treat drug addiction, anxiety disorders, depression. It was used to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in the last stages of the disease, to eliminate pre-suicidal states, to help patients with alcoholism.

The discoveries in the medical field were the impetus for many growers to decide to order psilocybin mushroom spores and try their hand at the new role of mycologist. Members of the genus Psylocibe Cubensis are suitable for the first experience. They are easy to cultivate, these strains do not take most diseases, and the harvest is pleasing not only to the amount of mushrooms themselves, and the content of psilocybin. Beginners are advised to look at the following options:

  • Brasil - slender, short, but perky mushrooms in adulthood acquire caramel coloring, than please the eye even a seasoned mycologist. From a single mycelium you can collect up to five waves.
  • Burma - mushrooms grow vigorously, completely filling the entire block. Easily resistant to disease and suitable for colonizing many substrates.
  • Huatla - you can buy spores of hallucinogenic mushrooms of this species if you are attracted by the prospect of becoming a fivefold owner of psilocybin-rich fruiting bodies, undemanding in care.
  • Thapalpa - the mycelium of this variety grabs almost any nutrient mixture, grows vigorously, but yields individual pockets of fruiting bodies rather than a mushroom carpet. The mushrooms are fleshy, dense, with one wave you can collect up to 1200 grams of raw product.
  • Z-Strain is a high-yielding hybrid with a fast development cycle. Each wave is very prolific, so the strain is considered one of the most cost-effective options.

Buy the spores of hallucinogenic mushrooms in Ukraine - is it legal?

Yes. There are no legal obstacles to even openly become the owner of a cute spore cast. It does not contain any psychoactive substances, so mushroom spores are a perfectly legal purchase. Any aesthete will tell you that such a print looks conceptual, and to become its owner, you can buy psilocybin mushroom spores cash on delivery as a creative souvenir.

However, the cultivation of psilocybin strains is prosecuted in Ukraine, so Coffeeshop® urges to treat the purchase consciously and not to grow illicit plants in countries where it is not allowed.