Shark Shock CBD Feminised

  •  Shark Shock CBD Feminised
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  • 395.00 грн

Shark Shock CBD Feminised is an excellent indicodominant variety resulting from crossing the fantastic Shark Shock with the best male CBD Crew sprouts.

This is an easy-to-grow strain, capable of withstanding weather disasters. The crop shows enviable growth potential, allowing its bushes to reach maximum height with the least time loss. The low, compact shrubs are crowned with giant monocotyledons formed from a huge number of fat, streaked buds.

The bushes do not require large areas and are comfortable in tiny plots. The charming bushes are covered in a dense lace of trichomes that generously produce a sea of excellent quality resin.

The crop has high therapeutic potential and is successful in treating gout, epilepsy and sleep disorders.

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