Suspended LED phytolamp LED-Light LFS-220

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Main specifications
Channel power 4000K: 100 W
Method of cooling: Natural
Phyto channel power: 120 W
The size of the phyto-light LxWxH: 620х432х60
Phyto-lamp power: 220 W
Light flow: 22000 Lm
Incandescent lamp analog: 2000 W
Light source: LED Epistar (Тайвань)
Number of LEDs: 660
Spectrum: 440-660 nm (full phytospectrum)
Temperature Range: 0°С...+45°С
Diffuser type: Transparent
Body material: Aluminum
Life time: 40 000 h
Degree of moisture protection: IP-43
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Fito lamp LFS-220 has a number of advantages over other lamps on the market.

  • Remote control;
  • Smooth adjustment of brightness and spectrum;
  • Lighting control by timer;
  • Specialized LEDs adapted for maximum plant growth;
  • Combining lamps into control zones;
  • Controlling the brightness and spectrum of the glow. Create different control zones with a single remote control;
  • Control luminaires using Wi-Fi.

If controlling luminaires with a remote control is not enough, you can also use a Wi-Fi gateway , which makes it possible to control the lamps using a phone from anywhere in the world, as well as set a timer to turn on / off the lamps.

Growing plants under artificial lighting has a number of features. Depending on the correctness of their decision, the costs depend significantly. They can be conditionally divided into several parts.

  • Purchase of phyto lighting systems;
  • Expenses for paying for electricity;
  • Costs for maintenance of phyto lighting.

There are a number of special requirements for artificial lighting, failure to comply with which leads to a decrease in yield and / or excessive energy consumption. This is especially critical when illuminating large areas. The price of non-optimality leads to large financial losses. Consider what capabilities modern phyto lamps should have.

  • Fito lighting maintenance costs
  • At the initial stage of growth, it is necessary to illuminate a small area, then gradually increase the power of the lamp in proportion to the growth of the plant.< /li>
  • Change the light spectrum
  • In the initial stage of growth, for an effective set of green mass, the predominance of blue is required. When fruits ripen, an increase in the red component of the light spectrum is required.
  • After-light mode

In autumn, winter and spring, when there is not enough natural light, in order to save money, you can turn on phyto lighting not at full capacity, and partially. So that the amount of natural and artificial lighting is sufficient. To do this, the lamp must be able to change its level of illumination (dimmable).

  • A modern phyto lighting system should:
  • Smoothly change the level of illumination;
  • Smoothly change the spectral component of the lighting (the ratio of the red and blue components of the light);
  • The presence of an on and off timer according to the appropriate algorithm;
  • The possibility of remote control.

Considering these requirements, X-LED phyto fixtures with a power of 50 to 220 W were developed.

Main purpose:

For artificial lighting of growing plants.

Lamp control:

Remote control, two-channel dimmer.

Fastening type:

Suspended (by order invoice).

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