Auto Tereshkova Feminised

  • Auto Tereshkova Feminised
Variety type: Mostly sativa
Genetics: Amnesia * Super Charas Plant
THC content: 27%
Flowering: 70-85 days - Full cycle
Harvest: XL
Plant height: up to 150 cm
  • 300.00 грн
  • 210.00 грн

General information

It has a small height of only 60-90cm so it is considered ideal for home cultivation. It blooms 8 to 10 weeks after the seeds are sprouted. The inflorescences become denser juicy and resinous during the growing season. It likes light and a moist environment. During the ripening period the plant needs a large number of nutrients.

Sprouts germinate evenly, the stems are thick. Side shoots dive is not desirable to provide additional support to the base, so it does not break under the weight of the buds. Harvested mainly in October (if grows in open areas). Harvest can be up to 600 grams. If you accidentally touch the leaves, a characteristic odor will remain on your clothes for a few hours.

Quality fertilizer is necessary for normal development, especially in time of growth. A distinctive feature of this breeding wonder is resistance to rot and mold fungus so it is great for growing in greenhouses.

Thins a sweetish citrus flavor. For the experienced smoker other subtle notes will also become noticeable. The high is immediate and lasts up to 12 hours, which can be explained by the high THC content of up to 27%. It is in great demand, and you can buy it in the right quantity from us.

Feelings of use

When you take this option, you will feel a rush of strength and energy and your mood will be higher. It is not recommended to use it at work or at school, because the received emotions will last a long time. It has a whole spectrum of feelings, starting with relaxation and ending with relaxation and fun. In his bouquet are mixed sweetness, a little bitterness, combined with a pleasant distraction from all problems.

Auto Tereshkova feminised is one of the most successful, unique and rare of its kind in terms of fertility, persistence, yield.

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