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Auto Owen Key Feminised

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Main specifications
Variety type: Mostly sativa
Genetics: Think Different * Ruderalis
THC content: 21%
Flowering: 13 - 14 weeks - Full cycle
Harvest: XXL
Plant height: 150 cm
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The seeds are a strain whose amazing properties are due to its powerful genetics. This hybrid shows the best qualities in its genetic lineage: bushes are small, but with strong stems, huge potential, able to bear a large weight of resinous fruits.

The variety was bred using the popular Girl Scout crossed with Blueberry auto. This is an auto-flowering cannabis species with subtle fruit notes, high yields, Indica characteristics, and a sweet, tropical mango flavor.

The feminized product attracts attention with its insane prolificacy with minimal care. Can grow outdoors as well as indoors with sufficient light.

Distinctive features

  • It has excellent flavor characteristics, with sweet notes that it owes to Blueberry, the result of this selection will be a bright berry pie flavor.
  • This strain is an obvious Indica-dominant hybrid with a strong "stone effect", which will allow you to fully relax your muscles.
  • Cultivation of the sprout is easy, because it was created with the idea that it will be used even by inexperienced users.
  • The plant is unpretentious, perfectly tolerates changes in temperature regimes, parasites. Features of cultivation

The life cycle lasts 70 - 85 days. Even inexperienced growers can cope with its cultivation. The yield is equally good - up to 400-500 grams per m2. The bush will have a powerful bifurcation system. Under room conditions, the height will reach 40-80 cm, under sunlight - 60 - 100 cm.

The variety is stocky with sticky and elastic cones. During flowering the fragrance is faintly felt. Resistant to mold, fungus and other phyto diseases. Development can be negatively affected by excessive watering. It is also important to use moderate nutrition and optimal care.

Psycho-Active Effects

Hemp has a prolonged and active effect on the individual. The main effects will be revitalization and relaxation. It will be a great option as a relaxation after a hard day. It is noteworthy that after smoking this herb, the consciousness of the grower will not be altered, thoughts will remain clear and distinct. The activity will stop for a few hours due to the so-called "stone body effect".

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