Auto Critical 2.0 feminised

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Main specifications
Genetics: Critical + Auto x Critical +
THC content: 21%

Auto Critical 2.0 feminised was the next logical step of the Dinafem Seeds breeders. Crossing Auto Critical + with its photoperiod counterpart yielded its own unique result. This hybrid has a relatively compact size and an excellent ratio of psychoactive substances.

The autoflowering seeds of feminized cannabis feel comfortable both outdoors and in confined spaces. It takes ten to twelve weeks for this strain to mature. That is, in terms of outdoors cultivation, the peak of maturity turns out to be the last decade of October, if sowing was done before the middle of April.

The yields of the autofem Critical + 2.0 in indoors were 50-250 grams per square meter, and up to 300 grams per plant outdoors, excellent values for a plant no taller than 130 centimeters. The high THC and low CBD levels only add to the confidence of a successful strain.

The flavor is powerful, skunky, with light lemony notes. The flavor bouquet is about the same, but less bright and intense. Consumption leads to a strong petrification and prolonged relaxation of the body, the brain.

The variety is used as an analgesic and one of the most effective ways to get rid of muscle cramps. In addition, the hybrid is effective in leveling out depressed moods or simple fatigue.

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