Auto Amnesia XXL Feminised

  • Auto Amnesia XXL Feminised
Variety type:
Genetics: Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia Auto
THC content: 23%
Plant height:
  • 310.00 грн

Auto Amnesia XXL Feminised is a luxurious autoflowering strain that has fascinated professionals with its great potential, luxurious productivity and trouble-free growth. The crop was obtained by crossing Original Amnesia Autoflowering and Original Amnesia.

Although the bushes look quite stately and elegant, their numerous branches are dotted with many resinous, lush colas, ripening with long internodes that allow a free passage of light even to the lower fruits. The plant has excellent immunity to mold, pests, and rot. The incredibly long and dense inflorescences of Amnesia XXL Auto are covered by a thick coat of dense amber resin at maturity.

The inflorescences of the hybrid exude a classic haze aroma adorned with refreshing pine tones.

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