Auto Fred Haze Feminised

  • Auto Fred Haze Feminised
Variety type: Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Genetics: Amnesia * Malana Charas
THC content: 27%
Flowering: 75 days - Full cycle
Harvest: XXL
Plant height: 60 - 80 cm
  • 230.00 грн
  • 195.00 грн

The auto feminized hybrid is considered the best option for outdoors, greenhouses, and indoors. Experiments on the creation were conducted based on OutLaw. The unique properties of the emerged strain are considered huge inflorescences (they are so large, this species is considered one of the most productive among Haze varieties. That at the end of flowering the plant can fall under their weight). Notable for its berry flavor and spicy aroma.

Care Features

The culture for normal growth needs a large pot (up to 20 liters per stem). In height it can reach up to 1.5 meters, so there are certain restrictions on the cultivation of this species. Quality lighting should also be good, because the lower shoots can be huge and do not always have time to mature. It is recommended to install additional light panels, but it is better if it grows in an open space.

The resulting product of breeding is characterized by great productivity, quality, strength, productivity of satin varieties. During the flowering period, the fragrance of the flowers, reminiscent of mint, mixed with citrus notes, is brightly felt. As the inflorescences mature, they gradually lose their fragrance.

From seed to shoots you need to wait about 12 weeks. The buds will be numerous with a decent amount of resin and a coating of crystals. The branches will sag under their own weight at the end of ripening, so it is advisable to tie them up. Even the inexperienced grower will be able to get up to 150 grams per bush. To get the maximum result you need to use a lamp.

Action and taste

If you like inbred varieties, then this option is definitely for you. It will give the body a powerful charge of energy, power, after which comes a lasting stone effect. The taste is sweet, lemony and a little bit menthol. This variety is called the most extreme among all existing.

It takes your breath away and you want to feel it again and again. It can take a little longer to cultivate than other cannabis strains.

The culture is notable for its strong effects on the mind, its prolific nature, and its extreme unexpected effects. The amount of psycho-active alkaloid is 14-16% so the effect of its use will be long and vivid. With its help you can get rid of headaches, improve your mood, relax your nerves, improve your appetite and memory. The product is sold and stored in its original packaging.

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