Calipso Feminised

  • Calipso Feminised
Variety type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Genetics: Colombia * Mexico
THC content: 21%
Flowering: 8 weeks / September
Harvest: XXL
Plant height: up to 160 cm
  • 320.00 грн
  • 225.00 грн

This variety is considered to be the most productive of the other subspecies of this type. The crop has a strong aroma and characteristics typical of the honey cannabis family. Feminized seeds consist of 30% sativa genes and 70% indica genes. The seedlings produce a decent yield of resinous buds. Exactly thanks to the special genes, the plant grows quickly and has a record productivity.

The shrub has a pleasant citrus aroma combined with herbal notes and tones characteristic of maple syrup. In the smoke there is the whole palette of fruit tones, which will suit the taste of even experienced users.

A wonderful lemon and sour flavor will be a real treat. The sweetish smoke of the crop will give not only a pleasant positive feeling, but also an unsurpassed psychedelic effect, giving a sense of carefree, fun, happiness and an unparalleled mood.

Medical Applications

Many experts agree that this particular species is a reliable remedy for depression and bad moods, chronic fatigue, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder. It has proven itself during the treatment of autism in children, will be a good remedy for improving memory, for retrograde disorders in adults.

Distinctive characteristics of the variety

This variety is notable for its high growth rates, accelerated flowering, maximum comfort during the growing period of the hybrid. The product is compared to the original species in terms of performance, effect. This version was bred in Holland after long experiments of breeders. During the research, it was found that this hybrid has greater efficiency than expected of it.

It reaches an average height of 70 - 120 cm, sprouts a lot, densely dotting the stem with sticky buds. Fruits can be harvested after 12 weeks, yielding up to 200 grams per bush.

Its popularity is due to its unpretentiousness, especially for those who are just beginning to try such an amazing plant as cannabis.

The product will be a great addition to relax in nature, in a friendly company, will contribute to creative activities. Productivity hybrid appears regardless of growing conditions. The greatest efficiency was noted when planting seeds in climates with a lot of sun.

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