Space Power Feminised

  • Space Power Feminised
Variety type: Mostly Sativa
Genetics: Colombia * Mexico * Thailand * Afghanistan
THC content: 23%
Flowering: 9 weeks / October
Harvest: XXL
Plant height: up to 160 cm
  • 180.00 грн
  • 170.00 грн

This amazing hybrid has become a favorite variety because of its fast development, unique productivity, and luxurious blooms. It is a new strain of the original Power Afrika, whose genetics are infused with selected Pakistani, Afghan, Mexican and Colombian cannabis varieties.

The seed yields a potent, beautiful plant that perfectly tolerates the vagaries of nature. It will have many lateral branches on the shrub, which will increase its productivity. It is a simple hybrid with a high yield.

Appearance and growing characteristics

It is from these seeds grow powerful plants with an abundance of branches, long leaves with large gaps between the buds. The inflorescences themselves are full of resin, strong with a specific fragrance. To mask the smell during flowering, strong charcoal filters are recommended.


After consumption, a persistent badi stone plunges one into a world of fantasy, serenity. It will give you and your friends an unforgettable experience, stimulates creative impulses, increases vitality, brain and physical activity. It has a sweet and pleasant taste of pine. It helps get rid of nausea attacks, overcomes feelings of pain, helps with depression, insomnia, stimulates appetite. The effect lasts for 2.5 hours.

This variety has a unique balance of turkey and satin effects. Would be perfect for a party, evening home relaxation, friendly gatherings.

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