8 Ball Kush Feminised

  • 8 Ball Kush Feminised
Variety type:
Genetics: Afghanistan x Pakistan
THC content: 20%
Harvest: 550 гр.м2
Plant height:
  • 232.00 грн

8 BALL KUSH is an excellent indica variety that combines all the strength of its genetic ancestors who once proudly grew on the mountain peaks of the Hindu Kush. From its Afghan relatives, the crop has inherited powerful productivity, classic flavor, and excellent stress tolerance.

The hybrid is noted for its record production of resin, which hardens on its surface in large crystals as a dense blanket covering the entire plant. The bouquet is dominated by musky tones, organically flavored with delicious earthy notes.

The buds impress with their stamina and their ability to survive in the toughest conditions.

The predominance of indica genes allows the hybrid to be used in the therapy of multiple sclerosis, memory disorders, schizophrenia and insomnia, besides, its reception will come in handy if you need to quickly increase your appetite or get rid of nervous tension.

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