Auto Speed Bud Feminised

  • Auto Speed Bud Feminised
Variety type: Sativa dominant
Genetics: Early Misty x Ruderalis
THC content: 19%
Flowering: 10 – 12 weeks
Harvest: 150 – 300 g/m²
Plant height: 40 – 80 cm indoors, 50 – 150 cm outdoors
  • 594.00 грн

Auto Speed Bud Feminised was obtained by crossing the strongest seedlings of Early Misty with Ruderalis. When selecting the parent strains, the breeders looked at the intensity of development, the rate of sprout maturation, and the weight, density, and resinousness of the buds.

Spruces are characterized by little leaf formation and generous flowering. The variety is not capricious, which allows it to be cultivated more than successfully even in the most unsuitable conditions. The hybrid easily responds to any flaws and shortcomings in cultivation, the main thing for it is not to fall below +10 degrees.

Despite the fact that the sativa hybrid is the lucky owner of the autoflowering gene, it will only be possible to maximize the productivity of the strain if it receives enough light.

At the flowering stage, the buds of the crop give off a pleasant subtle fragrance, in which light diesel tones can be heard.

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