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Auto Kadenyuk Feminised

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Main specifications
Variety type: Indica
Genetics: Auto Blueberry * Columbia
THC content: 20%
Flowering: 75 days - Full cycle
Harvest: XL
Plant height: up to 120 cm
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The plant has unique external characteristics. It is rightly called the most luxurious indica-dominant hybrid, for its juicy buds with delicate bright orange trichomes that will fill the room with an unparalleled aroma of cheese. Endowed with a pleasant concentrated bouquet, it gently dissolves in the mouth bringing an amazing sensation.

General Information

Represents feminized seeds of autoflowering species that are unpretentious, which gives the opportunity to enjoy the culture not only experienced, but also beginners growers.

The bushes are able to grow up to 100 cm in height, with no problems adapting to any conditions. There will not be many branches on the plant and this is considered their advantage, because in this way the light penetrates better providing an opportunity to form even those buds that are on the lower branches.

The fragrance is greatest during flowering so it is worth taking care to provide good air filtration. The flowering period is about 10 weeks old. Yields are about 130 grams per stalk. Easy to grow indoors and outdoors. It adapts well to high temperatures.

Its effect on the body is more mental than physical. Endowed with high levels of CBD, it is therefore an ideal option for therapeutic purposes.

How did this variety come into being?

This hybrid comes from a cross between HinduKush, Skunk, Ruderalis, and AutoCritical. It combines the great smell of Skunk, which has made it very popular on the cannabis market.

Its flavor and effect

The florets have a huge flavour profile: the bouquet consists of unrivalled cheese, skunk and pine notes. The unique smell of the culture competently complements the pine flavor, giving a charge of positivity, vivacity. Such a combination leaves a sense of peace, tranquility gives a slight euphoria.

When using it the mind and consciousness remain clear, but at the same time you feel a surge of energy, this result holds for several hours.

Where else is it used?

The seeds of Auto Kadenyuk Feminised in medical practice are used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, gout. This variety has an analgesic effect, so it is used in combination therapy to relieve acute pain.

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