Cocaine Feminised

  • Cocaine Feminised
Variety type: Indica
Genetics: Lemon Thai * Pakistani
THC content: 28%
Flowering: 8 weeks / October
Harvest: XXL
Plant height: up to 180 cm
  • 350.00 грн
  • 245.00 грн

It is considered a variety with great potential. It is suitable for growing in a variety of soils, giving stone-like inflorescences filled with a thick, viscous syrup. It will be appreciated by those who like a stone effect. This crop has an enormous growth rate, high productivity in different types of cultivation. And the most powerful genetics allows the shrub to be resistant to rot, mildew and other diseases.

During cultivation, the plant goes through several stages, adding to its baggage of knowledge in care. The first period takes about 20 days (the phase of active growth), then comes flowering, when the bushes begin to appear gorgeous buds. The harvest can be harvested in late September, early October. You can grow both in the open ground and at home. To improve the performance should be properly conducted fertilization, and increase the light intensity during flowering.

General information

Feminized seeds rejoice with the rapid pace of development and growth. The culture inherited its strong genetics from the ancestral varieties, which endowed it with resistance to various even the most difficult conditions. Lovers of this variety will like its unpretentiousness, stable quality sprouts. You can also thin the branches so they do not break under the weight of the fruit.

Average bush, about 100 - 160 cm, lush branches with many branches. In the open ground, you can harvest in early October. One square meter often yields up to 500 grams of sticky buds, with a THC content of 19 to 21%.

The effect and flavor

The exquisite aroma that the plant is endowed with will not leave anyone indifferent. It has a pleasant, mild flavor that spreads over the body in a pleasant wave of pleasure, making everything unnecessary disappear, giving pleasure and relaxation.

Medical applications <[p>

Inflorescences hybrid endowed with the ability to quickly eliminate pain, reduce cramps, relieve muscle spasm. The taste is pleasant, mild with a slight hint of tartness. The sedative qualities of the variety were also appreciated, because it helps to cope with sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and depression.

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