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- Made of borosilicate heat resistant glass- Alanod reflector has a reflectivity of 97%- Length - 400 mm, connecting diameter of the air duct - 125 mm- E40 base..
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Reflector (reflectors, mirror) 47x40 Hammered 86% Reflective grain screen for 400 and 600 watts. - Made of 86% reflective anodized aluminum. - 47 x 40 x 17cm. - Supplied with cartridge, mounting hardware...
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When growing indoors, a reflector for the grow box is used for artificial additional light, which allows you to direct the light flux from the gas-discharge lamp in the desired direction. Such elements are also called reflectors. They are concave surfaces that reflect light rays. At Coffeeshop® you can buy reflectors and fixtures for sodium lamps so that the bushes in the greenhouse will grow more confidently and please the grower with abundant crops.

Types of fixtures for sodium lamps

The market offers plant growers two types of reflectors, differing functionally and in price:

  • Unventilated open-type luminaires. These are relatively lightweight, cheap and versatile items that come complete with a socket and wires to connect to the cannabis lighting system. Open-ended reflector lights are suitable for growrooms and other large spaces designed for abundant harvests.

Universal reflectors are divided by the shape of the reflective plate into parabolic and bi-parabolic. Both perfectly reflect the rays from the illuminator, but the bi-parabolic is distinguished by its ability to separate a dense stream of light, which plants like very much.

  • Ventilated lights of the closed type. Such products are more expensive, but their functionality is wider. Reflector light for plants with a closed lamp can be connected to the ventilation system, so it will be easier to remove heat from the grow box. They are great for small home greenhouses. Recessed lights are divided into two types: for horizontal and vertical mounting. The first option is suspended from the ceiling with straps or other flexible fasteners. Vertical lights are installed next to the bushes along the growth of the plant.

Selecting a light fixture for your home grow box

  • Pay attention to the material of manufacture of the reflective surface. For example, in our online store we offer reflectors made of alanod, which reflects 97% of light. This is a very good indicator.
  • Closed luminaires, in which the possibility of replacing the glass is thought out, are suitable for compact grow boxes. They are more expensive, but last longer, respectively.

Tricks of working with reflectors and DNAT lamps

  1. The reflector gets very hot during operation. Most competent manufacturers provide passive cooling. It is located on the back of the design and looks like an additional plate that transfers heat from the luminaire to the surrounding space. Despite its presence, taking the reflector and the lamp itself with bare hands while it is burning or immediately after it is turned off is fraught with the risk of burns.
  2. Do not pick up even disconnected sodium lamps with your bare hands. They leave grease residue on them, which when heated to 300-400 ° C burns and causes microcracks.
  3. Sodium lamps do not re-ignite immediately. If the system has been running for a while, you turn it off and want to turn it back on, the lamp will not light up again. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to build up the gas needed to ignite it.
  4. Don't forget to remove the protective film from the reflector before working.

Favorable conditions for buying a reflector for DNAT

Our growshop offers growers all over the world quality equipment for growing plants indoors or indoors. Coffeeshop® managers will help you choose the right device for your grow box or greenhouse and promptly place your order. At Coffeeshop® you will get quality, reliable and long-lasting reflectors for DNAT at an affordable price and with a fair warranty.