Electronic ballast

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Green Power gear is assembled in a single housing and does not require additional elements to be connected...
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LUMII Black electromagnetic control gear for 600W DNAT and MFL lamps, The LUMII Black electromagnetic gear is designed by the British company LUMII Lighting especially for the crop market...
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Electronic ballast

The wiring diagram of most grow box lighting systems includes a ballast for DNAT lamps, which you can buy in the Coffeeshop® online store. This ballast replaces the control gear set consisting of a choke, a power supply and a capacitor, combining the functions of all these elements:

  1. Starts the combustion process in a sodium lamp.
  2. Keeps the light source burning evenly.
  3. Allows you to adjust the intensity of the light in the grow box.

Coffeeshop® supplies quality equipment from domestic and worldwide manufacturers. With us you can buy ECG in Ukraine, designed specifically for the crop market.

Why growers choose EBs for DNAT

EB is an electronic ballast that activates and controls the operation of the lighting system created on the basis of gas-discharge lamps. It has built-in protection against power surges and short circuits, which prolongs the life of not only the device itself, but also the entire system.

Many growers want to buy EBs for DNATs not only because of their high reliability and ease of use, but also because of the following features:

  • Economical operation. With EBs, power consumption of the lighting system is reduced by 30%.
  • Some models are nearly silent. Dimmable EBs are available in both indoor and outdoor models. Equipment that is placed outdoors, withstands large temperature changes, has no limit on the length of wires and is quite loud. But models that use growlers to assemble a lighting system inside a tent are adapted for indoor use. They work quietly, are less warm, and look nicer than the "outdoor" versions.

How to choose a ballast for a sodium lamp

  1. ECG must correspond to the power of the lighting element. In our Internet-shop you can buy devices for working with DNAT from 250 to 600 W.
  2. You should choose those devices which have cooling fins on the body and are less warm.
  3. It is more convenient to work with such ECG with several dimming levels. But remember, if you allow the lamp to work constantly at the maximum value, its lifetime is greatly reduced.
  4. Some EBs have a built in timer. This feature is convenient in that you can set the time on/off the equipment automatically. Professional models allow you to set increasing and decreasing light intensity, simulating sunrise and sunset.

How to extend EBs life

  • Not all electronic ballasts are equipped by manufacturers with effective protection against power surges. If you choose a budget option, use special protective relays to connect to the mains.
  • To make the ECG last longer, don't wait until the lamp connected to the mains burns out. Replace it at the end of the manufacturer's stated service life. This prevents the equipment from being overloaded.
  • Do not place the ECG near heat sources or outside the grow box. It is best to install the equipment on a nonflammable surface in the spatial position recommended by the manufacturer - vertical or horizontal.

Where to buy a quality ballast for your grow box

Do not skimp on ECG. Good equipment - it is not only a guarantee of long and efficient operation of the lighting system for growing marijuana, but also a guarantee of your safety. A quality fixture can be left unattended without worrying that a power surge will affect its operation. At Coffeeshop®, you can buy a ballast for a DNAT and grow luxurious plants, saving significantly on electricity.